5 Things Your Wedding Video Needs

Are you creating a wedding video for your big day? This is a great way to preserve your memories of the wedding and all that comes before and after it. But that video should be more than just raw footage recorded on a tripod. To be a compelling and frequently viewed video, you'll want to include these few key elements.

1. A 'Must Have' List.  A professional videographer or production company generally knows what to capture at weddings or receptions. But don't assume that their list of 'must have' moments is exactly the same as yours. Determine what you personally want to capture — such as the bridesmaids' mad rush to get ready or the arrival of your grandparents — and communicate that to whomever is recording.  

2. Things You Miss. The wedding video should be more than just a recap of the experience of the bridal couple during the day. To be something you want to watch over again, it should show things that you didn't get to see or experience. This could be anything from the groomsmen fooling around behind the scenes to guests having fun in the photo booth. 

3. A Second Camera.  Unless the wedding is very small, you should consider having a second camera and videographer. There is almost no way to capture all the memories you will want when you only have one person doing the recording. 

4. Voice Overs.  One aspect of many wedding videos often sounds better than it actually appears. This is the videotaped message from guests and wedding party members. These can easily become stale and awkward on repeat. An easy way to replace them and keep the flow going is to record these messages as voice only and use them as a backdrop for relevant parts of the video.

5. A Highlight Reel.  Ask your audio visual company to create a separate, shortened 'highlight reel' of the wedding. This truncated version should be about five to ten minutes long and hit the major highlights of the longer video. It will likely be much easier for guests and friends to digest and may even get more airtime than your full version. The full version can then be for you and your partner to view and cherish. 

If you include these few key parts when planning and producing your wedding video, you're sure to create something that you'll love to watch over and over again to celebrate your love. 

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