Prepare For A Dance Marathon

Sponsors of a dance marathon and individuals who would like to participate in a contest or provide their friends with moral support can help you raise funding for a worthy cause. If the event will be held outdoors, a portable dance floor can be installed over a grassy or dirt surface. Decide how you will go about setting up the dance area and select the manner in which you will raise funds, which can be used to pay for rental equipment or can be applied directly to your cause.

Make Your Initial Plans

An owner of a company that offers flooring rentals will need to know how large you would like the dance floor to be, the number of people who will be utilizing the flooring, and the length of time that you will be keeping the floor covering. Before you seek an estimate for the flooring, determine how many participants you will have. Charge a fee to each couple or individual who would like to take part in the competition.

For an incentive, set aside some of the money that is raised and state that the winner of the marathon will be awarded with the cash prize. Get an estimate of how many people will be attending the marathon. Request that people purchase tickets by a specific date. Besides needing to accommodate the dancers, you will need seating for the people who will be observing the participants.

You may be able to acquire lawn furnishings or basic reception furnishings through the supplier of the dance floor. Decide how you would like to set up the outdoor venue. You could either have the floor installed along one side of the property and use the furnishings to create a sitting area that is adjacent to the floor or you can have the floor installed in the central part of the property and add tables and chairs around the entire perimeter of the floor.

Have The Floor Installed

A plywood subfloor is typically used to cover grassy areas prior to having a wood parquet or vinyl floor installed over it. During the installation, pieces of flooring will be locked together, which will result in a seamless surface that resembles a standard floor covering. Learn about any restrictions that are imposed or guidelines that must be followed to ensure that the flooring remains damage-free. If the floor material needs to remain dry, a canopy or overhang should be installed so that the flooring won't be exposed to rain.

To learn more about reception dance floor rentals, contact a dance floor rental company in your area.

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Sponsors of a dance marathon and individuals who would like to participate in a contest or provide their friends with moral support can help you raise